Body Solid Commercial Power Rack

Body Solid Body Solid

391 lb

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A commercial power rack by Body Solid, with tons of optional attachments!

They included the "Westside" hole spacing, which gives you tight hole spacing in the area you'll set the safeties for bench press. This is appreciated by experienced lifters who know that safety bars are most effective when you can precisely set them just below the bottom of your range of motion. Further up the rack you only need 2" hole spacing for squats and other exercises.

The 3"x3", 11-gauge steel frame is the most heavy duty you can get. Racks you'll find in top commercial gyms are of this spec or sometimes lighter.

Although this rack is commercial rated, it's 90" high to fit inside any home with standard 8ft (96") ceilings


Band Pegs, model SPRBP
Stick them into the top or bottom of the power rack. Loop lifting bands around them to add a resistance curve for advanced workouts, or do assisted pullups.

Fat Chin Up Bar, model SPRCA
2" thick to work your grip more while doing pullups.

Multi Grip Chin Up Bar, model SPRCU
Install it in the middle of the rack to do pull ups at virtually any grip angle.

Monkey Bars, model SPRMB
Requires 2 of these power racks. Attach the two racks together, several feet apart side-by-side, with this set of monkey bars for working your grip, upper body and core.

Bar Holder, model SR-BHV
Install it on a rear upright to store 2 olympic bars vertically and out of the way.

Dip Station, model SR-DIP
Easily removable with a pin and catch to secure it. Put it on the front or rear of your rack.

Rope Anchor, model SR-UL
U-link to loop a conditioning rope through. The perfect low-friction attachment point to avoid wear on your rope.

Rack Extension with Weight Plate Pegs, model SPRBACK
An extension for the rear of the rack. You can bolt the 6 weight plate storage pegs (included) to any height to storage your plates out of the way of your working area in the rack, or attach other options above such as the bar holder or dip station.

This rack is featured in Iskra's home gym:

Steel Gauge 11
Tubing Size 3"x3"
Hole Spacing 2"
Environment Commercial
Dip Handles Yes
Band Pegs Yes
Plate Storage Yes