Standard Weights 

Standard bars have 1" diameter ends, and standard weights have 1" holes. If you're looking for bars with 2" diameter sleeves and weight plates with 2" diameter holes, see the Olympic Weights.

  • Cardio Barbells

    Lightweight barbells that are great for group fitness or aerobics classes. The hollow steel bar itself starts out at 5 lbs and can be loaded up to 70 lbs. Rubber coated weight plates in 10lb, 5lb and 2.5lb sizes help protect the floor and equipment and reduce noise. The grip holes in each plate make for safe handling.

  • Standard Weight Sets

    Save money by buying a complete weight set! Many of these sets are priced lower than the individual parts.

  • Standard Plates

    Plates with holes just over 1" diameter, to fit standard bars.

  • Standard Bars

    Standard barbells have 1" diameter ends, including straight bars, tricep bars, curl bars and everything else. The middle (the part you grip) and the ends (the part you load weight plates on) are basically the same diameter.

    Note that some of the lower priced olympic plates have the words "standard barbell" embossed on their face, even though they have 2" diameter holes. If that's what you're looking for, see the category.

  • Standard Collars

    Collars are necessary for holding your weight plates onto the bar. However, bars with threaded ends come with spin-lock collars. For the rest of the bars with smooth ends, you'll need to get a pair of collars.