Return & Cancellation Policy


Email us to request cancellation of your order. Our ability to cancel an order is not guaranteed.

If the order has not yet been picked up by the shipping carrier, we will make an attempt to cancel the order. In most cases this requires us to contact our supplier who is drop-shipping the order from their warehouse. If the order has already been packed for shipping, and the warehouse staff are unable to pull your package(s) from the shipping lineup before the carrier picks it up, your order will not be cancelled. 

If the order has already been picked up by the carrier prior to your cancellation request, we will be unable to assist you in attempted cancellation.


UPS will make 3 attempts. Freight carriers will schedule delivery by phone for a date within 3 business days. If the carrier is unable to deliver, the shipment will be returned, and you will be issued a refund of the product price(s) minus our shipping costs, including original shipping and return shipping. A "free shipping" deal is void if delivery can't be made, and actual shipping charges will be assessed. Alternatively, you may pick up at the carrier's nearest terminal, subject to their hours of operation.


Unless otherwise specified, a standard 30-day warranty applies to all products, for replacement parts or replacement of defective products at no cost to you. Some products also are covered by a manufacturer's warranty as noted in each product's description and/or on the Warranties page. Please consult any documentation included with your equipment or contact us to obtain warranty service.


It is our responsibility to ensure you receive your order in good condition and as advertised. Exceptions to the condition of any products are detailed on the product page.

We will replace products at our expense to ensure you receive what we promised you.


For returns that do not fit into any of the above situations, we can accept returns under these conditions.

  • The product must be in unused condition.
  • You must email us within 2 weeks of delivery to start the return process.
  • Return for a full refund of product price(s).
  • Neither original shipping charges nor your return shipping costs will be refunded.

Please contact us if we can answer any questions!

Any conflicting policy info on a product page supersedes that of this page.

These policies may be modified without prior notice. Last updated 2/13/2018.