Cable Machine Attachments

Cable Machine Attachments

These accessory attachments will fit on nearly all cable-based weight machines - home gym machines, cable crossovers, lat pulldowns, functional trainers, and more. The carabiner you should already have at the end of the cable will clip into the metal ring on these attachments. We also have extra carabiners (snap links) available.

Most weight machines come with a few attachments, but they aren't always the best or the right shape that you want. Luckily, if they are the type that clips into the cable, they are interchangeable with any other attachments you see here. Different exercises require different attachments to get your body moving in just the right range of motion.

Rubber grips make the workout more comfortable, prevent callouses, help your grip, and are excellent in cold weather as well when the bare steel would be painful to hold.

See Tony's article on a few cable attachments he uses in his home gym.

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