• Dumbbell Sets

    Save on dumbbells by buying a whole weight set!

  • Adjustable Dumbbells

    Dumbbell handles and weight plates, the best deal per pound for adjustable dumbbells.

  • Dumbbell Racks

    With any dumbbell set you need a rack. Vertical and horizontal racks.

  • Parts for Pro-Style Dumbbells

    These handles, plates and end caps are for building your own semi-permanent "pro style" dumbbells.

    Are you looking for adjustable dumbbell handles? See the Adjustable Dumbbells.

    The handles are drop-forged from one piece of steel with extra long fine thread bolts for secure semi-permanent assembly.

    Each handle is of a length to fit an exact number of standard weight plates. The #1 handle holds 1 plate per side, the #2 handle holds 2 plates per side, and so on. They are tightened with the included bolts and are meant to be semi-permanently assembled, usually as part of a large set.

    Refer to the list below for what size of dumbbell you can assemble with each size handle. Each handle plus end caps are rounded off to weigh about 5 lbs together, so a 30lb dumbbell would have 25lbs of weight plates.

    #1 - 10-25 lb
    #2 - 30-45 lb
    #3 - 50-65 lb
    #4 - 70-85 lb
    #5 - 90-105 lb
    #6 - 110-125 lb
    #7 - 130-145 lb
    #8 - 150-165 lb
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