Dumbbell Sets

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Save on dumbbells by buying a whole weight set!

A 5-50 lb dumbbell weight set is a good starter set for most purposes, particularly for home gyms or for personal trainers with untrained clients. 

A 5-100 lb set is for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Some of our sets include a weight rack to fit them all. You don't want them scattered all over the floor, and you need a strong piece of equipment that is meant to hold hundreds of pounds of weight safely, without tipping or collapsing.

In contrast to barbells, dumbbells are hand weights that can be used for a different range of exercises that involve one or both arms. Even with two handed movements, exercises such as bench presses or overhead presses become much different from the barbell version, because of the way the dumbbells have an extra dimension of motion and require extra stabilizing muscles to keep them moving smoothly.