Reduced price! *FACTORY SECOND* Troy VTX Urethane Dumbbell Expand

*FACTORY SECOND* Troy VTX Urethane Dumbbell

Troy Barbell

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These is a batch of factory second dumbbells that we are selling at a big discount. We only have a few of each size. The sizes under 85lb have slightly misaligned handles. The sizes 85lb and up are supposed to have 34mm handles (as the chart below) but only have 32mm handles so can't be sold at regular prices. Sales are final on these particular dumbbells, and they don't carry a warranty.

TIP: Get as many sizes of these as are available, and fill out the missing pieces of your set with the full-quality version at the regular price.

One dumbbell of specified weight. Buy 2 for a pair.

Better Than Rubber
Urethane is worth the cost for high-use environments. It doesn't degrade over time and start peeling or cracking. Sunlight or heat doesn't affect it in the long term. It's more abrasion resistant than rubber. And finally it has no odor. Top gyms commercial today use urethane dumbbells.

Protect Everything and Reduce Noise
Like rubber, urethane coatings help protect against damage when banging dumbbells together, slamming them hard back onto the rack, or bouncing up against other equipment.

Contoured Steel Handle
The knurled handle is contoured to fit your hand better

28-34mm Graduated Handle Thickness
The thickness of the contoured handle increases with weight as follows, measured in the center of the handle:
5-10lb: 28mm
15-30lb: 30mm
35-80lb: 32mm
85-125lb: 34mm

4% Weight Accuracy
All dumbbells are guaranteed to be within 4% of the marked weight. Most are much closer than that.

Handle Thickness by Weight:

5-10 lb 28mm
15-30 lb 30mm
35-80 lb 32mm
85-125 lb 34mm


Handle Thickness 28-34mm
Handle Type Contoured
Head Coating Urethane
Head Shape Round
Heaviest Weight 125 lb
Custom Logo Option Yes