Troy Premium Weight Plate Black Expand

Troy Premium Weight Plate Black

Troy Barbell

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One plate of specified weight. Select a size: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45, 100 lb.

These are among the most popular plates we sell. Our customers have been extremely happy with these.

They are some of the highest-quality cast iron plates you can get anywhere. Nothing fancy like rubber or urethane coating, just plain iron plates that look great, make noise, and are super rugged to last decades.

No More Inaccurate Weights
Many weights have no weight accuracy guarantee, leaving you sometimes unbalanced with 10 extra pounds on one side of the bar. Yikes! With these, we guarantee that each plate is within plus or minus 2% of the indicated weight. So a 10lb plate is within 3oz, and a 45lb plate is within 14oz. In reality your plates are going to be closer than that, because we certainly wouldn't want to be faced with frequen rejects. If you receive a plate that is out of spec, we will replace it and take care of all shipping charges.

Smooth Edges and Faces
Cast iron plates tend to have rough spots. Not Troy plates. First, the plates are cast using molds, like any other plates. But casting isn't perfect. So next the plates are machine milled down to a consistent size and weight, resulting in smooth surfaces all over, removing all those casting imperfections that will scrape your hands.

The Right Diameter
The 45lb and 100lb plates are milled down to the IWF/IPF regulation diameter of 450mm. This size sets the bar at the perfect height off the floor for deadlifts and cleans. The standard diameter also makes them compatible with many other plates out there, so you can mix and match with confidence that all plates will share the load on the floor.

No-Chip Baked Black Enamel Finish
After application of the hammertone enamel paint, the plates are baked in an oven to cause the paint to cure. This removes any toxic VOCs (fumes) and results in a hard finish that resists chipping, scratching, fading and corrosion. This is the same proven process used in industrial applications where products will be exposed to weather and abrasion.

Deep Dish Design for Easy Handling
The wide flange, or rim, around the plates helps you handle them without the risk of dropping them and causing injury or damage. Some customers like this style better than those with "grip holes" because these have more of a traditional look and can also be gripped easily anywhere around the circumference.

Quality Guaranteed
Within the first 30 days, we guarantee against any defects such as rust, chipped paint, or sharp edges. We will pay all shipping costs to fix the problem.

Peace of Mind Down the Road
We are an authorized dealer for Troy Barbell products. This means that if you uncover a problem later on, all you need is your receipt. Contact us and we'll take care of it under Troy's warranty.

2019 Upgrade
These were redesigned slightly in 2019. The outer rims on the new version have more of a rounded edge to make ite easier to grab the plates when they're stacked up on the bar.


Weight Diameter Thickness
2.5 lb 6.30" (160mm) 0.61" (16mm)
5 lb 7.60" (193mm) 0.87" (22mm)
10 lb 8.86" (225mm) 1.22" (31mm)
25 lb 11.81" (300mm) 1.54" (39mm)
35 lb 14.17" (360mm) 1.54" (39mm)
45 lb 17.72" (450mm) 1.54" (39mm)
100 lb 17.72" (450mm) 2.36" (60mm)

Here's Alan Thrall of Untamed Strength doing a 600lb deadlift with these Troy plates.

See our article comparing these with the other Troy plates.

Finish Baked Enamel
Diameter of 45lb Plate 450mm / 17.72"
Weight Tolerance 2%
Grip Type Wide Flange
Fit Snug (about 51mm / 2")
Heaviest Weight 100 lb