Texas Power Bar Expand

Texas Power Bar

Capps Welding

45 lb

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See our blog post about deeply knurled power bars like this one.

The authentic Texas Power Bar with the state of Texas end cap, straight from Capps Welding in Irving, TX. Each end cap is signed personally by Buddy Capps.

The Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar and Texas Squat Bar are the official powerlifting bars of the American Powerlifting Committee. In addition, the Texas Power Bar is the official bar in 54 nations with the Global Powerlifting Alliance for raw powerlifting and the International Powerlifting Organization for equipped powerlifting. 

Since 1980 this bar has been found in high schools, junior high schools, colleges, health clubs, YMCAs, powerlifting meets, world championships, pro football and baseball facilities, and home gyms.

It remains one of the very top powerlifting bars with aggressive knurling.

  • Black Zinc or Chrome Shaft
  • Bare Steel or Chrome Sleeves
  • 186,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • 28.5mm Shaft Diameter
  • 4" Center Knurling
  • Aggressive Knurling
  • 52" Shaft Length
  • 15" Loadable Sleeve Length
  • 7ft Overall Length


  • SLEEVES: Bare Steel or Chrome
    We recommend upgrading to the chrome sleeves over the bare steel. The chrome plating will resist rust, while the bare steel is completely unprotected.
  • SHAFT: Black Zinc or Chrome
    The black zinc coating on the shaft provides a better non-slip grip and prevents rust somewhat. Chrome provides even better rust prevention but gets more slippery when wet from sweat.

>> There is an additional wait of up to 2 weeks for chrome sleeves or a chrome shaft <<

Shaft Diameter 28.5mm
Finish Black Zinc
Knurl Depth Deep
Rotation Bronze Bushings
Made in Country USA
Tensile Strength 186,000 PSI
Center Knurl Yes
Ring Marks Spacing IPF 810mm
Length 7'

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