List of products by manufacturer Body Solid

We have been a dealer for Body Solid since 2007. 

Body Solid makes excellent weight machines, benches, power racks, dumbbell racks, and various lifting accessories. 

When there are problems such as some missing hardware pieces for a large machine, we have found Body Solid to be responsive in sending out replacement parts quickly, to get you up and running. We have never had an issue with Body Solid equipment that hasn't been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

We do not sell most of Body Solid's "Powerline" series of equipment, which is meant for home use only and quite frankly is not up to snuff even for most home users nowadays who prefer equipment that feels nearly as solid and durable as what they will find at a commercial gym.

Body Solid's highest end commercial products include the Pro Club, Pro Dual, and Pro Select lines of equipment. We don't have most of them listed on our site, due to little demand. However, we would be happy to provide a quote for any Body Solid equipment you've seen at bodysolid.com, for far less than the MSRP.

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