Pro-Style Handle Expand

Pro-Style Handle

USA Sports/Troy Barbell

5 lb

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Includes one handle, two bolts and two washers.

Drop-forged from one piece of steel with extra-long, fine-thread bolts for secure locking. This is a straight handle, not contoured.

These can either be assembled with the included washers on the ends or with the larger end caps (sold separately). The end caps surround the bolt and result in a smooth end that is more comfortable to the user, for example when resting them on the thighs to set up for seated presses.

If you are replacing the handles for your existing dumbbells, we recommend replacing these in pairs to ensure that each pair of dumbbells matches. Brands may differ in style. These are made by USA Sports/Troy, but they are not exactly the same as the handles included with the pre-assembled Troy pro-style dumbbells, so you will want to replace these in pairs.

Each handle is of a length to fit an exact number of standard weight plates. The #1 handle will hold 1 plate per side, the #2 will hold 2 plates per side, and so on. They are tightened with a bolt (you will need a 5/8" allen wrench) and are meant to be semi-permanently assembled and not meant to be adjusted frequently - Also see the Adjustable Dumbbells.

Refer to the list below for what size of dumbbell you can assemble with this handle.

#1 - 10-25 lb
#2 - 30-45 lb
#3 - 50-65 lb
#4 - 70-85 lb
#5 - 90-105 lb
#6 - 110-125 lb
#7 - 130-145 lb
#8 - 150-165 lb

Each handle with two end caps is rounded off to weigh about 5 lbs. Due to their different lengths, the #1 and #2 are slightly underweight, and the #3 to #8 are slightly overweight. But even the #8 is only 2 lbs overweight.

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