Pro style dumbbells are often found in commercial gyms, often as a 5-100lb dumbbell set. They consist of standard cast iron weight plates attached to a handle, either permanently or semi-permanently.


These dumbbells have traditional straight handles. The most basic pro style dumbbell.


These dumbbells consist of contoured handles for comfort. The middle of each steel handle is larger than the edges.

Rubber Encased
Rubber Encased

These dumbbells have rubber coated plates and traditional straight handles.


These dumbbells have rubber coated plates and also consist of contoured handles for comfort. The middle of each steel handle is larger than the edges.

Handles & End Caps
Handles & End Caps

Need replacement parts? Building your own set? The handles and end caps here will get the job done, along with our standard plates. Are you looking...


These standard plates will fit on any brand of pro-style dumbbell handles. Sizes from 1.25lb to 10lb are used.

Don't forget a pro-style dumbbell storage rack!

These dumbbells are made using solid steel handles and standard "pancake" style weight plates. They differ from standard adjustable dumbbells in that the handle ends are a precise length to fit an exact number of plates, it's bolted together so as to be semi-permanent, and they usually have end caps to further smooth out the edges. The bolt on our Troy pro style dumbbells is torqued on really tight and is meant to never be removed. Manufacturers like to over-tighten the bolt to prevent any chance of loosening accidentally.

Pro style dumbbells are preferred by commercial gyms for a few reasons:

  • Look - They look nicer, and the sizes are more uniform than hex dumbbells.
  • Durability - The chrome or rubber end caps can take a long of banging together, as happens a lot when lifters tap them together at the top of a lift, whereas hex dumbbells will have paint that can start chipping away. The round edges also are best to avoid paint chipping caused by sharp corners of hex-head dumbbells.
  • Uniform Size - They use 10lb weight plates, so starting from the 15lb size each dumbbell has the same width and only increases in length. This helps for perfecting your form using heavy weights.
  • High Weight - Pro style dumbbells go up to 150lbs or higher, making them often one of the only choices for dumbbells of the highest weights.
  • Saddle Racks - The "saddle" style dumbbell racks keep dumbbells nicely separated and organized. It's necessary to use round dumbbells like these on such racks to avoid damaging the saddles.

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