Body Solid Tire Tread Slam Ball Expand

Body Solid Tire Tread Slam Ball

Body Solid Body Solid

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One slam ball of specified weight. Select size, 10lb, 15lb or 20lb.

The deeply grooved "tire tread" surface of these balls gives you the best grip you'll get from any slam ball out there.

Heavy duty shell to prevent damage to the ball. Meant for aggressive and repeated slamming on the floor from overhead as a conditioning exercise.

Don't use other medicine balls for slams! These slam balls were engineered specifically for this task and will not split open. 

The ball has almost no bounce, rising up just enough for you to get your fingers under and grab it again for another slam. It will never bounce so hard as to raise off the ground much, let alone punch you in the face like the bouncing style of medicine balls.

Use it on any flat surface. It's best on concrete or rubber flooring.

Med Ball Type Slam