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August 26, 2015

Olympic Weightlifting Bars Comparison

Olympic weightlifting bars are used frequently at olympic lifting gyms, Crossfit boxes, the Olympic Games or anywhere that lifters may be doing the olympic lifts (snatch or clean-and-jerk). They are made to be springly at high loads to facilitate explosiveness, prevent a high shock load for the lifter, and absorb the shock of being dropped. The tensile strength (PSI) tends to be lower than powerlifting bars so that it isn’t too stiff, but newer manufacturing methods are resulting in some very high tensile strength bars that remain springy.


Power Lifting Bars Comparison

Power bars are the main type of barbell used in commercial gyms, schools, training studios, firehouse gyms, and many other places. These are good choices for bodybuilding, powerlifting or general weight training. A 29mm shaft is regulation size, but in casual lifting it varies.

Power bars typically have:


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