Reduced price! York STS Squat Rack and Weight Set Combo Expand

York STS Squat Rack and Weight Set Combo

York Barbell


685 lb

Pack content

Includes the York STS Half Rack and a high quality 300lb olympic weight set to lift in style.


  • York STS Half Rack
  • Safety Spotter Arms for Half Rack
  • York North American Olympic Bar
  • Muscle Clamp Collars
  • (2) 45lb York G-2 Rubber Plates
  • (2) 35lb York G-2 Rubber Plates
  • (2) 25lb York G-2 Rubber Plates
  • (2) 10lb York G-2 Rubber Plates
  • (4) 5lb York G-2 Rubber Plates
  • (2) 2.5lb York G-2 Rubber Plates

A special "depth adjuster" mechanism of the bench lets you slide the pad several inches backward for incline position to stay right under the bar. So this setup totally avoids the common problem of the rear lower crossbrace of the rack getting in the way of the optimal placement of the bench.

This setup is for intermediate and advanced level lifters who want the best. At nearly 600 lbs, the STS power rack takes quite a feat to move or fail in any way.

With this setup, you can also do other freeweight barbell exercises such as squats, military presses, calf raises, lunges, rack pulls, curls... all with the convenience of adjustable height bar holders and the assurance of safety catches when you need them to lift alone and count on it to catch a failed rep before the barbell crushes you underneath it.

Add a bench and you can do bench presses, incline presses, and other exercises.

This York STS half rack also has several other attachments you can add - dip handles, extra bar catches, and pulling platforms. The safety spotter arms are included in this package already.

The York G-2 Rubber Plates have grip holes, and what's special about them is the 25lb, 35lb and 45lb all are the same diameter. With these you can do deadlift warmups with a lower starting weight, in the same starting position.

Steel Gauge 11
Tubing Size 3"x3"
Hole Spacing 3"
Environment Commercial
Dip Handles Yes
Outside Spotter Arms Yes
Plate Storage Yes