Reduced price! York Olympic Lifting Platform with STS Half Rack Expand

York STS Half Rack with Olympic Lifting Platform

York Barbell


814 lb

Pack content

This package includes:

  • York STS Half Rack, with a silver finish, and safety spotter arms added
  • York Oak Platform, size 8'x6', with the inset to fit this rack

STS Half Rack Details:

Combo Grip Pull Up Bar - Grip where you want, in the direction you want! 28 mm knurled solid steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options. Stands 8ft off the floor.

19 Height Adjustments - The stainless steel hooks in each position have a safety design to prevent the J hooks from coming loose. Adjustable in 3" increments.


  • 19 Positions for J Hooks with Plastic Wear Guards
  • Combo Grip Pull Up Bar
  • 12 Scuff-Resistant Plate Storage Pegs
  • 2 Vertical J Hooks for Rear Storage
  • Powder Coat Finish for Ultimate Durability
  • Dimensions: 49"D x 68"W x 96"H


  • Safety Spotter Arms - Fits on the front of the rack, enabling you to lift safely. 27" long, 2" tubular steel. Plastic wear guards run along the top of the arms. A single pin design fits into the hook plate in 3" on center increments.

Oak Lifting Platform Details:


This 8' wide x 6' deep platform is meant only for use with the included inset, which is an extension of the platform that fits inside a power rack. 

This platform is made for doing cleans, snatches and deadlifts. Using a high quality lifting platform means that users are lifting on a perfectly flat and safe surface. The increase in confidence that provides means that it's only a matter of lifting the weight that's holding them back.

  • 3 Coats of Polyurethane - Maximum protection of the oak, along with a smooth but non-slippery surface.
  • 12-Gauge Steel Frame - This surrounds the sides of the platform to keep the edges from being damaged. The rear portion of the platform where the inset fits is not framed.
  • 19mm thick, 41" wide Solid Red Oak covers a 25mm MDF board. The two layers sandwich a membrane between them, minimizing the chance of warping.
  • 27" wide Rubber Matting is laid flush with the oak on both sides.

An inset is included, measuring 42" wide and 38" deep to fit perfectly into the rack. The inset is the piece that extends the platform to fit inside your York STS rack. The platform's steel frame wraps around the entire main platform except where the inset butts against it.

All platforms are made on demand and have an estimated 2 week lead time. Custom logos add one additional week. Your rack and platform will ship all at once when the platform is ready.