Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack Expand

Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack

Body Solid Body Solid


168 lb

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A huge upgrade over Body Solid's outdated Powerline PPR200X power rack! Everything has been redone, with several features added to modernize it.

The new UHMW lined J-Cups prevent wear on the bar's knurling.

The new pin-and-pipe safety rods put a hard plastic pipe in contact with the bar, while maintaining the strength of a solid steel safety rod.

Better hole spacing, several options like bad pegs... They did a great job with this one.

Plus, the flattened lower cross brace eliminates the problem of the lower cross brace getting in the way of your weight bench. Place the bench wherever you want. Normally you would have to get a rack with no lower cross braces, forcing you to bolt it to the floor for stability. Body Solid has figured out a way to solve the problem without requiring you to bolt it down.

  • 2"x2" 12-Gauge Steel
  • 2" Hole Spacing, 5/8" Hole Diameter
  • Pin and Pipe Safety Bars
  • UHMW-Lined J-Cups
  • Flat Lower Cross Brace
  • 53.5"L x 51"W x 83"H
  • 25.5" Inside Space, Front to Back
  • 700lb recommended weight limit
  • Manufacturer's 10 Year Warranty (Home Use)


Extra J-Cups - The base unit includes one pair. Add another pair o install at another position to avoid having to move them around, such as on the outside of your rack at shoulder height for standing military presses and other exercises that you might want to perform from of the front of the rack instead of inside. One pair.

Lat Attachment - Includes lat bar. Also includes lower pulley and a short straight bar for doing rows, curls, and other exercises. You can add additional cable attachments such as an ankle cuff or tricep rope. The lat attachment is.84" high when attached. The plate-load carriage features 1" diameter weight posts that will accommodate standard or olympic plates. Buy olympic adapter sleeves to fit olympic plates snugly.

Rear Extension - Provides extra space for weight storage pegs and for a battle rope anchors.

Weight Pegs
 - Attach several of these to the Rear Extension to store all your plates, out of the way of your barbell's range of motion in the rack.

Battle Rope Anchor - Slip your battle rope through this perfect attachment point that will prevent wear and prevent the rope from catching on anything.

Landmine Base Attachment - With a 7ft bar and plates, do a variety of landmine rotational training exercises.

Multi Grip Chin Up Bar - Put your hands in a variety of positions and widths to change up your workout or reduce stress on your joints.

Band Pegs - Attach to the bottom of the rack and use resistance bands to loop over your barbell. These add more resistance to the upper portion of the lift.

Height 82"
Steel Gauge 12
Tubing Size 2"x2"
Hole Spacing 2"
Environment Home
Lat Pulldown Yes