Body Solid Weight Lifting Chains Expand

Body Solid Weight Lifting Chains

Body Solid Body Solid


44 lb

  • Includes 2 Chains, 2 Collars and 2 Snap Links
  • Each Chain is 22 lb, 5ft long
  • Zinc Coated Steel
  • Collars fit any Olympic Barbell with Typical 50mm Sleeves
22 lbs is the best weight of chain to use for the majority of lifters. Very heavy chains beyond 22 lbs are not necessarily better. For more info, see this article:
As a general guideline, you want to use chains that are roughly 10% of the barbell weight (bar + plates + collars). So if the loaded barbell weight is 100 kilos (220 pounds), each chain should weigh 10 kilos (22 pounds). But don't get too detail-oriented—even a 15% chain will do.

source: Bodybuilding.com, How and Why to Train With Chains

Weight lifting chains - also called powerlifting chains, barbell chains or bench press chains - are the best way to add a "resistance curve" to your lifts. As the length of chain lifts off the floor, it adds more weight to the bar, so you're lifting more at the top of the lift. You have more leverage at the top of a lift, so chains help even out the amount of effort required through the entire range of motion.

Chains can also be great for speed training. During high speed reps, the momentum can cause you to lose control of the bar at the top of the lift, or at least force you to stop the bar's momentum. Chains add resistance at the top, slowing down the momentum, so you can get really explosive without worrying about throwing the bar up out of your hands when bench pressing.

They can also be used to add to the bar for landmine training, as pictured.

Lifting with chains is one way to overcome sticking points when strength training, usually with your heavier lifts such as the bench press, squat or deadlift.

The included snap links are for clipping the chain to itself when you want to leave only a little bit of the chain touching the floor. Generally you don't want to do that. If you have too much extra chain hanging in the air, you might as well add more plates to the bar instead.