Body Solid Commercial Half Rack Expand

Body Solid Commercial Half Rack

Body Solid Body Solid

212 lb

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Body Solid's most heavy-duty half rack with a pull up bar!

A rack is this quality is good for virtually any commercial environment, as well as police stations, fire stations, and universities. 

Unlike some racks of this style, the safety spotter arms are included in the price.

This rack features the popular "Westside" hole spacing on the uprights, which is 1" spaced holes in the bench press area and 2" above and below that area.


Band Pegs Pair (SPRBP)
Loop resistance bands over these for performing barbell exercises with more resistance near the top of the lift. Often used by powerlifters to make the easier portion of the lift harder.

Dual Chin Up Bar (SPRDCB)
1.5" and 2" bars for doing regular and fat-bar chin ups that work your grip more.

Rear Extension with Storage (SPR500HALFBACK)
Includes 4 olympic weight pegs for storing plates, without interfering with normal barbell use. You can also 

Rear Storage Shelf (SPRST)
Store bands, straps, or kettlebells on this handy shelf. Requires the Rear Extension, above.

Dip Attachment (SR-DIP)
Do dips on the outside of your rack with this attachment that quickly detaches.

Florida's Keiser University

Above, Keiser University in West Palm Beach, FL sports several of these Body Solid Half Racks.

Steel Gauge 11
Tubing Size 3"x3"
Hole Spacing Westside
Spotter Arms Yes