Body Solid Roman Chair Expand

Body Solid Roman Chair

Body Solid Body Solid


70 lb

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A sturdy and comfortable roman chair bench. It is made of good 11-gauge steel and isn't rickety or wobbly, which is too often the case with lower priced units. The firm pads are all extra thick and won't bottom out on you. The upholstery is heavy duty.

This is as good as any similar unit found in a commercial gym, and it carries Body Solid's commercial warranty.

This unit is fully adjustable so that you can do a variety of positions or accommodate the needs of different sized people with different abilities.

Roman chair situps strengthen and stretch your lower back muscles, improving your posture to help you maintain a more upright posture throughout the day.

If you work at a desk, this will help get rid of back pain associated with weak core and back muscles.

Your glutes and hamstrings are also worked during this exercise. Roman chair hyperextensions are a full body exercise that are incredibly useful to add to your routine. Doing other exercises like deadlifts will also become easier with a stronger core.