Black Poly Conditioning Rope Expand

Black Poly Conditioning Rope

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rope of specified length and thickness.

The ends are wrapped so they never come loose. The ropes are made with poly twine for extreme durability, indoor and outdoor. The black color keeps them from looking dirty the way typical white poly ropes can get.

Loop this rope around any anchor point, preferably a low-abrasion point such as a steel post or piece of steel gym equipment.

Keep in mind you'll need a rope twice the length of the area you have. A 40ft rope will put you 20ft from the target you loop it around. 

THICKNESS: Most people should get a 1.5" thick rope. This gives you a good grip for high-intensity workouts. 2" ropes are for strong people who want to use it as a grip training and muscle building tool The rope is harder to grip and heavier, so it's harder to produce enough power with to create and maintain the wave action.

LENGTH: 50ft is the most common. 40ft is a good length for shorter or weaker users. 30ft is generally not recommended unless you have found a need for it.

Isrka features these ropes in her home gym:

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