Intek Needle Bearing Olympic Bar Expand

Intek Needle Bearing Olympic Bar

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44 lb

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200,000 PSI Tensile Strength
One of the strongest bars we sell. Most other needle bearing bars are rated at 150,000 to 165,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). This is a rating of tensile strength, or basically how much stress a steel bar can withstand before permanently bending.

Dual Finger Marks
The marks are spaced at 810mm and 910mm for weightlifting and powerlifting. This makes it easier to set your hand placement without having to eyeball it so carefully.

Tested for Strength and Straightness
Intek tests every single bar they put for strength, integrity and straightness. This takes more itme, but it ensures that you're guaranteed to get a top quality bar.


  • 7'3" Long
  • Chrome Finish
  • 28.5mm Diameter
  • 200,000 PSI
  • 8 Needle Bearings per sleeve
  • No Center Knurling
  • Medium Depth Knurling
  • Dual Sets of Ring Markings
  • Weight: 20kg / 44lb

Unlike other manufacturers, Intek does not maintain a deep stock of products in a large warehouse. They rely on only stocking enough products to fill existing orders. Their products are worth the wait, we promise!
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Finish Hard Chrome
Knurl Depth Medium
Rotation Needle Bearings
Made in Country China
Tensile Strength 200,000 PSI
Center Knurl No
Ring Marks Spacing Dual IPF & IWF
Length 7'2.5" / 2200mm