York High-Low Deadlift / Shrug Bar with Kickstand Expand

York High-Low Deadlift / Shrug Bar with Kickstand

York Barbell


60 lb

Unique Kickstand for Easy Loading
What sets this shrug/deadlift bar apart from others is the unique kickstand that replaces a jacking system, enabling the user to flip the bar over to load and unload plates with ease. One side of the bar has a weight to counterbalance the stand.

Extra Long Sleeves
Over 14" long sleeves mean you can load this to about 630 lbs with our thin economy plates, with room for collars. Most hex bars have shorter sleeves that will only hold about 500 lbs.

The final unique feature is this bar is long enough between the inside collars that it fits across the safeties of any power rack. This makes it ideal for practicing neutral-grip rack pulls, shrugs, or even other exercises like overhead presses that are tough to do with a hex bar otherwise.

High and Low Handles on Same Side
With most hex bars you flip the bar over to use the low handles. On this one the high handles are out of the way of your wrists when you grip the low handles. This feature was necessary because the kickstands are screwed into place on the bottom side.