Troy VTX 300 lb Olympic Grip Weight Set w/ 7 ft Bar Expand

Troy VTX 300 lb Olympic Grip Weight Set w/ 7 ft Bar

Troy Barbell


300 lb

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Also see the Rogue Six Shooter plates, which are calibrated to within 1% of the marked weight.

One of our most popular olympic weight sets!

This 300 lb set of olympic weights features the Troy VTX plates with grip holes as detailed further below. The grip holes make them easy to handle, have no sharp edges, and you'll wish you got them if you lose your grip on a regular weight plate and drop it on your foot.

That's more, the design looks good and fits in well with other weight equipment in your gym, if you even care about the looks.


(300 lbs total weight)

BAR FEATURES: Our 45lb economy bar that we include in most of our 300lb weight sets. Chrome finish, 7ft long, and medium knurling.


  • Grip holes (45lb, 35lb, 25lb, and 10lb only)
  • Milled rim and edge for perfect dimensions
  • The 45lb plate is a perfect 450mm diameter to set the bar at the right height for deadlifts
  • Machined center hole for a snug fit on the bar
  • Guaranteed accurate weight within 4%
  • Baked Grey Hammertone Enamel Paint
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Dimensions for all plates of this style:

2.5 lb 6.44" (164mm) 0.64" (16mm)
5 lb 7.75" (197mm) 0.87" (22mm)
10 lb 9.02" (229mm) 1.26" (32mm)
25 lb 11.81" (300mm) 1.73" (44mm)
35 lb 14.17" (360mm) 1.65" (42mm)
45 lb 17.72" (450mm) 1.57" (40mm)
100 lb 17.72" (450mm) 2.8" (71mm)