CAP Olympic Trap Bar - Low Handles Expand

CAP Olympic Trap Bar - Low Handles

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57 lb

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This trap bar is designed in a hexagonal form making it easy to step in and out of the bar, ideal for shrugs and deadlifts. The movement is actually more like a squat than a deadlift, because you aren't leaning forward as much and it hits your quads more than you hamstrings. This hex bar, also known as a trap bar, is zinc coated to resist rusting. Like all hex bars, it has a solid sleeve design, ie: no rotation, as the movement is straight up and down with no rotation needed.

  • Low handles flush with sleeves
  • Length: 56"
  • 24" between handles
  • 9.5" loadable space on each sleeve

The 9.5" long sleeves will fit (4) of our 45lb economy plates on each side, plus collars, for a total weight including the bar of 417 lbs.