Lockable Aerobic Dumbbell Rack - Holds 43 Pairs Expand

Lockable Aerobic Dumbbell Rack - Holds 43 Pairs

Troy Barbell

82 lb

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Lockable Theft Prevention Bar
Cover the top of the steel rack with the included steel bar to prevent the dumbbells from walking away between classes. Attach any lock, not included.

Optional Casters
Attach these to the bottom during assembly to move the rack around easily.

Optional Accessory Rack
This extra shelf on the bottom of the rack is for other accessories you may have, or 6 extra pairs of 12lb. or 15lb neoprene dumbbells.

Fits Many Combinations of Dumbbells
It's made to fit 43 pairs of dumbbells in these quantities:

(14) 1 lb
(12) 2 lb
(18) 3 lb
(16) 5 lb
(14) 8 lb
(12) 10 lb
total - 86 dumbbells (43 pairs)

However, you can fit other combinations, depending on your needs. The slots start out thin and become wider. Here are the sizes each of the 10 slots will fit:

Slot 1 - Up to 3lb
Slot 2 - Up to 5lb
Slot 3/4 - Up to 7lb
Slot 5/6 - Up to 8lb
Slot 7/8 - Up to 12lb
Slot 9/10 - Up to 15lb

Storage Rack Type For Aerobic Dumbbells