Troy VTX SupraBar Cable Curl Bar with Revolving Handles Expand

Troy VTX SupraBar Cable Curl Bar with Revolving Handles

Troy Barbell


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Do your wrists or elbows give you grief if you go heavy? You may find that the rotation of these handles solves your problem and allows you to do heavy cable curls without pain. It moves to follow your natural wrist motion, giving you greater comfort during reps. So you can do more reps without the discomfort you would get from another curl bar or a straight bar.

The 360 degree rotation of the handles also means you can switch from a palm-up to palm-down exercise in an instant.

This 23" long bar with cable attachment hooks onto any standard cable system. With it, you can twist your hands and wrists in any direction. It prevents joint strain on your wrists and allows you to fully engage your biceps for an unbelievable workout.

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