Hog Leg Dual Cable Bar Expand

Hog Leg Dual Cable Bar

LPG Muscle

9 lb

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This model of the Hog Leg series of "fat" cable bars has an eyelet and carabiner at each end of the bar, for attaching it to TWO weight stacks. This is best done on a functional trainer machine where the weight stacks are relatively close, but it could also be used on a cable crossover machine.

Choose from a 36", 42", or 48" long bar. The 48" long bar will be closest to an olympic barbell's shaft length (typically 52"). 

Use it for barbell-style exercises on your machine, such as squats and presses. The two two attachment points force you to keep the bar balanced, much like a freeweight bar.

1.75" thick handle with a powder coat finish that provides a decent grip.

Like any good fat bar, it forces you to use extra grip strength for pullling movements. This is why it is powder coated for durability and to reduce slipperiness from sweaty hands but is not knurled to reduce the effectiveness of the grip training aspect.

Made in the USA! Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.