Strencor Deluxe Farmers Walk Handles Expand

Strencor Deluxe Farmers Walk Handles



88 lb

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A heavy duty of farmers walk handles with olympic plate posts.

Load olympic plates on both 13.5" tall weight pegs. We recommend you use either bumpers or rubber coated plates, to avoid cracking the plates as you drop them on.

The heavy design of 44 lbs per handle - twice that of some other handles - reduces the need to load so many plates. 

The user-friendly drop-in design eliminates the awkward loading and unloading of multiple plates on the end of the bars. These are how you want farmers walk handles to be made.

Load them up and increase strength in your hands, forearms, legs and back, and plenty of supporting muscles. Farmers walks are done in strongman competitions and are one of the best exercises you can do for overall strength and conditioning.


  • Powder coated
  • 28mm knurled handles
  • 13.5" tall weight pegs
  • 47" overall length
  • 44 lb