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Intek Champion Series Rubber Plate

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Intek's high quality Champion Series rubber plates are extremely accurate in weight and have a smooth, consistent rubber coating throughout.

Accurate Weights: Know Exactly What You're Lifting
Cheap inaccurate weight plates are easy to get. If any of these Intek Champion plates are off by more than 2% of the marked weight, we will replace them for you. You will find that most are closer to dead-on accurate.

Extra-Thick Rubber Coating
Not just painted on. The coating Intek uses is an average of 3/8" thick all over this plate, which is extremely thick. That kind of thick rubber is never going to peel off.

Easy-Grip Handles
The 45, 35, 25 and 10lb plates all have 5 grip handles, making them easy to carry around with no danger of dropping one on your foot. The insides of the handles are smooth and don't have sharp areas or seams to poke your hands like cheap imitations.

No Stink
Virgin rubber is not made from recycled material. Recycling is great for the environment but bad for your nose. Recycled rubber on weights can stink up your room for a while until it off-gasses. These Champion Series plates are ready to use right away with no odor.

Commercial Quality
Use them in any commercial environment. These are among the best rubber coated plates you can get.

Tight Center Hole
Very snug 51mm center hole will fit nicely over a 50mm bar sleeve, creating no rattle at all.

2.5 lb 6.58" (167mm) 0.68" (17mm)
5 lb 8" (203mm) 0.88" (22mm)
10 lb 9.38" (238mm) 1.57" (40mm)
25 lb 12.5" (318mm) 2" (51mm)
35 lb 15" (381mm) 1.63" (41mm)
45 lb 17.75" (451mm) 1.63" (41mm)

Unlike other manufacturers, Intek does not maintain a deep stock of products in a large warehouse. They rely on only stocking enough products to fill existing orders. Their products are worth the wait, we promise!
Finish Rubber
Diameter of 45lb Plate 451mm / 17.75"
Weight Tolerance 2%
Grip Type Grip Holes
Fit Snug (about 51mm / 2")
Heaviest Weight 100 lb