15-55lb Kettlebell Set Expand

Troy VTX G2 Womens 15-45lb Kettlebell Set

Troy Barbell


175 lb

Pack content

This is a typical set that has every weight that most women will need for a long time. The 15 lb size can be useful for anyone doing some tricky movements that kettlebells are known for. The 45 lb is good even for strong women to get good swings going.

Includes 1 each of 15, 25, 35, 45 lb.

Why not round numbers like 10, 20, etc? You could do that too, but 15 lb is about the smallest you will need. Plus, a lot of the time kettlebell weights for suggested exercises are given in kilos such as 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg, which are close to 15lb, 25lb, and 35lb. 35lb is also about 1 "pood", the old Russian unit of weight referenced in traditional kettlebell training.


The matte finish feels really good. It's got some texture to it. That kind of texture makes it so you can get a good grip but you can still rotate the handle in your palm smoothly and without making your hands sore from the friction. The cool thing about it is it works well when your hands are sweaty too, and it holds chalk.

Troy's kettlebells prior to 2017 had a glossy finish and smooth texture with occasional rough spots. This is a huge improvement and comparable to the feel of any other top rated iron kettlebell out there.


Sizes under 30 lb have a gradually smaller diameter handle, to stay somewhat proportional to the size of the body. So anyone with smaller hands will find them easy to get their hand around and get a secure grip.

The 30 lb through 100 lb have a 35mm diameter handle, or about 1.38".

This is thicker than Troy's previous model, which was 1.25". Some other models are 1.5", which is just too big to hold onto effectively.

A kettlebell handle, because of the way you move it around, should be a little thicker than an Olympic bar, which is 28mm or sometimes up to 32mm for the thickest power bars (other than the specialized 2" fat bars you can also get). So that gives you an idea where this 35mm/1.38" handle compares to Olympic bars. Imagine trying to do cleans or snatches with a 38mm Olympic bar, and you can get an idea how easy thicker kettlebells could slip out of your hands when doing swings or snatches.


The cast iron base is ground flat. The casting all over is nice and consistent, but it's good they paid special attention to this.


Pounds marked on one side, and "VTX" on the other. The letters are all sunken rather than a relief (raised) casting. Sunken is the better way to go. Raised letters can potentially get uncomfortable against your forearm. When they're sunken, most of the surface touching your forearm is the flat part, so it's not an issue.

The face has a flat area where the letters are. 

Kettlebell Type Economy
Handle Thickness 1.38" / 35mm