Troy Competition Bumper Plate LB Black Expand

Troy Competition Bumper Plate LB Black

Troy Barbell

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One bumper plate.

  • 450mm Diameter
  • Steel Hub
  • Guaranteed Within 2% Of Marked Weight

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You will need competition bumpers if you're lifting over 400 lbs or so. The large steel hub is heavier than rubber, so the plate ends up being thinner than a solid rubber bumper. Less rubber also means the bounce will be lower and more controlled.

On the downside, comp bumpers are not good for high-rep workouts with low weight (less than a 35lb bumper on each side). They are thin and can get damaged. So if you're unsure, get economy bumpers.

The colored version of these Troy competition bumpers at the Motion Fitness & Performance Center:

Weight Tolerance 2%
Fit Snug (about 51mm / 2")
Diameter 450mm / 17.72"
Denomination Pounds
Color Black
Custom Logo Option Yes