Troy Soft Stackable Plyo Box Expand

Troy Soft Stackable Plyo Box

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  • Flap Velcro Design
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover
  • Ultra Dense Foam Core
  • All Sizes are 36"L x 30"W

Optimal Velcro Flap Design
The velcro is attached on all 4 sides withflaps. This is a much better design than some other stackable soft plyo boxes that have velcro on the top and bottom, where the velcro gets in the way of your foot placement and gets torn up by shoes over time. This flap design 

Generous and Stable Landing Area
36"x30" is a good size. You don't really need it that wide for foot placement. It's about stability. The last thing you want is to worry about it toppling over. These won't. Stack them all the way up.

Injury-Free Padding
Stop busting open your shins on failed jumps! You'll be just fine if you miss a jump with these (at least as far as your shins are concerned - no promises on your tumbling back to the floor)

High Density Foam for a Stable Surface
These boxes are made of firm foam that won't feel squishy underneath you. Foam that's too soft will compromise your safety, and these were designed with that in mind.

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