Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plate LB Color Flec Expand

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plate LB Color Flec

Vulcan Strength

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See our blog post about steel inserts coming loose in bumper plates, and how to avoid it.

Price includes two bumpers of specified weight. These are only sold in pairs. Most other brands of bumper plates we sell are priced individually.

Vulcan Strength's Alpha bumpers are unlike any other bumper plates on the market. Naysayers said you couldn't combine these features into one bumper. Low bounce but low noise? Thin profile bult extremely durable? Low odor? Vulcan did it. These are the future.

Low-Bounce Crumb Design
The unique virgin rubber formula makes for a bumper that has a dead-blow bounce like virgin rubber bumpers.

Low Noise
Not only do these have a low bounce, they also have low noise. 25% less noise when dropped from overhead as measured by a decibel meter. Dropping bumpers gets LOUD, especially in a home garage or in a group environment. These are the best bumpers to mitigate the noise, save your ears, and appease your neighbors.

Indoor our Outdoor Use
These bumpers hold up so well that they can be used on bare concrete. You can't say that about most other bumpers. Others will wear out quicker on concrete or will start pulverizing the concrete.

Low Odor
Recycled rubber is stinky. These are virgin rubber, with only a hint of odor, and it isn't an issue when used in a garage.

Color Coded
Colored flec design matching the IWF color scheme gives you easy identification for sizes.

Thinner Design to Fit More On a Bar
Fit (5) 45lb bumpers on a bar to load it to 495 lbs! These are more dense than traditional training bumpers, and until these came along you couldn't go so high without using extremely expensive steel-core competition bumpers. The exact amount you can load on your bar will depend on its sleeve length. See bumper thicknesses below.

Durable 10lb Bumpers
Other brands of 10lb bumpers are so thin or weak that they "taco" and break when dropped alone on a bar. These are made a little smaller diameter so that they are also thicker, for a larger impact surface area. Use a pair of 10s as the only bumpers on the bar, no problem.

Generous Manufacturer's Warranty
Vulcan Strength stands behind these bumpers. The 55lb, 45lb and 35lb are warrantied for 3 years. The 25lb for 18 months, and the 10lb for 1 year.

Dimensions for all plates of this style:

Weight Diameter Thickness
10 lb 15.74" (400mm) 1.17" (30mm)
25 lb 17.72" (450mm) 1.81" (46mm)
35 lb 17.72" (450mm) 2.55" (65mm)
45 lb 17.72" (450mm) 2.95" (75mm)
55 lb 17.72" (450mm) 3.34" (85mm)

Vulcan's bumper plates constantly sell out. Figure 2-3 weeks before they ship.

Fit Snug (about 51mm / 2")
Denomination Pounds
Color Color