York 5ft Bar Chrome Expand

York 5ft Bar Chrome

York Barbell


32 lb

This unique 5ft bar is made with the same 150,000 PSI North American steel as some other York bars. York offers this at a fantastic price, so we verified with York that the specs are not a mistake!

Due to its 28mm diameter, strength, weight and length, you will find it valuable for several special purposes, even if you have high-quality bars in your arsenal already.

As an Olympic Lifting Training Bar - If you don't mind the lack of ring marks in the knurl for standard hand placement, it works great as a lightweight 32lb training bar for learning olympic lifts, or that smaller lifters will feel comfortable with for using indefinitely. The shaft isn't as long as 7ft bars, but it's long enough that most users can use a snatch grip without issues. It's much more durable than lightweight aluminum bars, but at only 100,000 PSI you don't want to be dropping it the way you would higher strength bars.

Bench Pressing - It can also be used as a bench pressing bar, provided it is used on a narrow rack that is no wider than 41". That could work good if you're lifting a small room limited on space. Unlike the 6ft version of this bar, this one is only 44" between the collars and is therefore several inches too short to fit on a power rack.

Other Exercises - Use it as an accessory bar so you don't have to pull your main bar out of the rack or unload the plates. Its small, lightweight size makes it easy to move around and store out of the way.

Like all of York's bars, this bar has smooth sleeves without the grooves that are put on other brands of bars. It also has York's signature split sleeve design, which ensures that the sleeve will not loosen.

  • Overall Length: 5ft
  • Shaft Length: 44"
  • Sleeve Length: 6.75"
  • Hard Chrome Finish
  • 28mm Diameter
  • 100,000 PSI
  • Bushing Sleeves
  • No Center Knurling
  • Medium Depth Knurling
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Finish Hard Chrome
Knurl Depth Soft
Rotation Bushings
Made in Country Canada
Tensile Strength 100,000 PSI
Center Knurl No
Length 5'

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