Kettlebell Sets
Kettlebell Sets

Can't find the right sized set? Put together a set with individual kettlebells.


Up to 100lb. 1.5" diameter handle. One of our most economical kettlebells. The handles are sanded smooth before painting to remove any rough spots...

Troy VTX G2
Troy VTX G2

5 lb to 100 lb. 1.38" diameter handle. A new 2016 design that replaces the old Troy VTX kettlebells!


Up to 36kg. 1.5" handle diameter. MuscleDriver's V2 kettlebells are for competition training or for users who want a consistently sized kettlebell...


Don't leave your kettlebells all over the floor! A rack will keep your workout area clean, safe and organized.

The Russian unit of measurement, pood, is sometimes used to define the weight of a kettlebell. 1 pood is equivalent to about 35lbs, or 15kg.

Kettlebells provide a different workout than dumbbells, because the center of mass is extended beyond the hand, similar to traditional Indian clubs. The extended handle creates opportunities for movements that can't be done as well with a dumbbell. Therefore, certain swinging movements and others are easier to do. Traditional kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs and shoulders. Grip strength is also a factor more so than with dumbbells. Kettlebell training has become a popular part of CrossFit.

Two of the basic kettlebell exercises are the clean and the swing. The clean comes from olympic weightlifting and once you get used to the proper form, the movement is more natural to perform than with a dumbbell of the same weight. The swing is pretty much a kettlebell-only exercise that has become popular as often the first exercise that a kettlebell user learns, because it's so simple and so powerful.

Dumbbells can be used in pairs for many exercises, but it's highly recommended that you start off with singles to familiarize yourself with using a kettlebell before eventually moving on to two at once.

Due to the compound and often one-handed nature of kettlebell exercises, learning proper form from the beginning is extremely important to prevent injury. A kettlebell that is too light for you to start out with will just encourage poor form and also not give you a good enough workout.

Recommended Starting Weights

  • Women: 15-20lb / 8kg
  • Active Women 25-30lb / 12-14kg
  • Inactive Man 25-35lb / 12-16kg
  • Athletic Man 40-55lb / 20-24kg

Kettlebell exercises build strength and coordination for real-world movements. Do you ever have to pick up or raise something awkwardly with one hand? Use a shovel? Throw bales of hay? Kettlebell training promotes proper body mechanics to help you not only build strength and endurance, but be able to accomplish these everyday tasks. It's also good preparation for sports, to reduce injury and learn to use your body in the most powerful way possible. The eccentric deceleration involved in kettlebell exercises also is perfect for sports that involve a lot of quick changes in direction or suddenly coming to a stop. The full-body involvement in kettlebell exercises prepares you for all kinds of situations where you have to make unexpected and quick movements. People who don't have that kind of fitness level can easily get injured by the most trivial movements that just happened to isolate a weak muscle group and cause a muscle strain or more serious problem.

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