Adamant Barbell is owned by David Kiesling and based in Pacifica, CA.


David got his start in e-commerce by selling full-spectrum lamps part-time on eBay, while working a day job. He still has one he uses in his home, in the back room workout area. The lamps were great, when they worked. They were so prone to having defective ballasts that he was sending replacement parts to half his customers. That's how you learn what customer service is all about. He took care of every single issue, got great feedback and reached eBay Power Seller status.


In 2007 David had the itch to get into the business of something he really cared about, instead of just lamps. Having lifted weights off and on for years, he knew a bit about gym equipment, so soon he became a Body Solid dealer and started selling their equipment on eBay.

One day David was standing in line at the post office and a guy in front of him had about 50 padded envelopes stuffed full of kids' toys. It turned out the fellow had migrated from eBay to his own website, and he obviously was successful at it. Every day he was unloading cartons and cartons of packages. Maybe eBay wasn't all it was cracked up to be?

Over time, David noticed that buyers and sellers on eBay had a lot of distrust for each other. The whole environment didn't foster any sense of trust. Amazon, on the other hand, was all about a price war for the cheapest low-quality fitness products. That didn't suit him, and he knew that it didn't have to be that way. It was time to leave eBay and Amazon behind.

So that's when he plunged into the fitness industry full-time by starting Adamant Barbell, and from the very beginning he found that our own customers were a pleasure to work with. Great decision!


With the rising popularity of functional fitness and conditioning programs like Crossfit®, Adamant Barbell began catering to the new breed of athletes who needed equipment that you used to only see at high-end athletic training facilities. Everyone and their brother wanted conditioning ropes, sleds and medicine balls, and we provided them.


In early 2014 we had enough of selling home-grade weight benches and machines, and other flimsy equipment that wasn't made to take a real beating. We felt so much better when we shipped light-commercial grade equipment to home users, because we knew they would love it and we were providing a great service to steer them towards such high-quality equipment. So we dropped from our website hundreds of pieces of equipment that didn't meet our new quality standards. Some weren't sturdy enough. Some had flawed designs. We wanted everything on our website to be products we would actually enjoy using and could recommend to any friend or family member.

Adamant Barbell Today

We started by offering mostly bodybuilding equipment and have grown to serve the needs of Crossfit, powerlifting, women's fitness, plyometrics and other fitness disciplines.

We do business with countless high schools, colleges, commercial gyms, Crossfit® affiliates, city and county governments, personal trainers and of course thousands of folks who have their own private gym in their garage, back room or basement. And despite the dismal state of the general economy, we're going strong, thanks mostly to our base of repeat customers who keep coming away happy, and their word-of-mouth referrals.

Most of our products are shipped from the manufacturer directly to your door. This means lower prices due to our reduced overhead and inventory costs, the latest models, less chance of backorders and less chance of damage from repeated handling. Our products are marked "out of stock" as accurately as possible to avoid unexpected backorder situations.

Sometimes things break. It doesn't have to be a disaster, and we don't want you to worry about it. Any defect is covered under our Standard 30 Day Warranty at no cost to you, and later on down the line you can count on the manufacturers' warranties as detailed in the product description page and the Warranties Page. Adamant Barbell is an authorized dealer for over a dozen manufacturers, ensuring you're covered for the life of the warranty.

Let Us Help - We know that choosing the right equipment from such a large selection can be daunting and confusing, even for experienced fitness buffs. Please share your thoughts and let us help you determine any unique requirements you may have and what would best help you achieve your goals. Let's pick equipment that you'll be pleased with the first time you use it and for years afterward.

Over 7,000 satisfied customers ...

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