Made in the USA 

All of the products below were partially or completely made in the USA. Some pieces are obtained from China or other countries, as is always the case. Other than that, they are fabricated or assembled here in the USA, meaning you are supporting American workers and American manufacturing.

Making most other products in the USA would require higher prices. If you're happy that we are promoting American-made products, tell us that when you order, and perhaps we will expand it further!

  • Olympic Bars (Made in the USA)

    7ft olympic bars for all purposes, including beginners, athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and olympic lifters.

  • Pro-Style Dumbbells (Made in the USA)

    Assembled in Houston, TX. Pro style dumbbells are often found in commercial gyms. They consist of weight plates attached to a bar semi-permanently, and are only disassembled for maintenance in case of damage.

  • Cable Attachments (Made in the USA)

    These attachments will fit on nearly all cable-based weight machines - cable crossover, lat pulldown, row and more. The carabiner you should already have at the end of the cable will clip into the metal ring on these attachments.

  • Fixed Weight Barbells (Made in the USA)

    Fixed-weight barbells with a straight shaft. These are most often found in commercial gyms, with a full run of barbells from 20lb to 115lb, as a convenience for users who are doing standing barbell exercises and find it easier to pick up another barbell rather than change the weight.

    Like pro-style dumbbells, the weight of these is semi-permanent, and they are only disassembled for maintenance. And the only maintenance they would need is in the case of damage from being dropped badly.

  • Collars (Made in the USA)

    Secure your weight plates onto the bar with a pair of collars.

  • Lifting Platforms (Made in the USA)

    These lifting platforms are the ideal flooring solution for doing olympic lifts like the snatch and clean. The hardwood floor gives you good footing that allows your feet to slide when wearing olympic lifting shoes, and the rubber mats as the top layer on the sides protect your subfloor and bumper plates.

  • Other Made in the USA Products

    Sleds, jump ropes... Pretty much everything else made in the USA that we couldn't justify putting in its own category.