Cable Machine Attachments 

These attachments will fit on nearly all cable-based weight machines - cable crossover, lat pulldown, row and more. The carabiner you should already have at the end of the cable will clip into the metal ring on these attachments.

  • Lat Pulldown Bars

    These lat bars will fit on any cable machine in the gym such as a lat machine or cable crossover machine. A lat bar is a special bar that you can grip anywhere along its length for narrow or wide grip pulldowns while sitting on a bench. Many lat bars have a swiveled attachment to keep the bar facing the right direction during the lift as you bring the bar to your chest or even push it down to your waist.

  • Cable Curl Bars

    Cable curl bars have a curved shape for a good ergonomic position when doing curls. They can also be used for tricep pressdowns and other exercises.

  • Other Cable Machine Attachments

    All other cable machine attachments.

  • Cable Tricep Bars

    Tricep pressdown bars have two grips with palms in a neutral (palms facing each other), pronated (palms facing down) or semi-pronated position. There isn't necessarily one best attachment or hand position. It depends on individual preference.

  • Fat Cable Machine Bars

    Extra thick bars feel more solid in your hands and have become popular.