Body Solid Pro-Select Assisted Dip & Pullup Machine Expand

Body Solid Pro-Select Assisted Dip & Pullup Machine

Body Solid Body Solid

460 lb


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  • Dip and knee raise station on one side
  • 42" long pull up bar on the other side
  • Oversized dip handles are 20" apart
  • Comfortable knee rest pads for weight assistance
  • Weight stack reduces your effective body weight
  • 210 lb or 310 lb selectorized weight stack
  • 11-gauge 2"x2" square tubing and 1.6"x3" oval tubing
  • Commercial rated
  • Manufacturer's Commercial Lifetime Warranty
  • Manufacturer's In Home Lifetime Warranty
  • 65"L x 54"W x 83"H

This machine allows virtually any user, regardless of strength or weight, to perform pull ups or dips with whatever amount of assistance they need. 

  1. Simply select the desired weight to subtract from your body weight (the more weight you select, the easier it is). 
  2. Use the steps to reach up to the pull up bar or dip handles.
  3. Kneel down on the knee pads and perform the exercise.

The knee assist pads can also be swiveled down out of the way for a completely unassisted body weight exercise. Or if you're strong enough you can add weight by means of freeweight plates attached to a dip belt (not included).

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