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Strencor Jerk Block Set



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Includes two complete stacks of jerk blocks, 56" high.

Strencor made these with heavy duty double-braced construction. They will withstand the heaviest drops and last a long time.

Each box can interlock on top of any other box, inserting over the wooden lip of the lower box to keep it securely in place. Once you have your desired height, set the reinforced 2" top block in place that is made to take the direct impact of drops. The top block also includes an extra-thick lip on each side to withstand bumper plates rolling into them.

WARNING: Do not drop on the blocks without the 2" top blocks in place.

Each set includes: (8) 12", (2) 6", (2) 2" blocks.

Jerk blocks are an essential tool for lifters to practice the jerk portion of the clean-and-jerk without, or related movements such as push pressses, without having to clean the bar into position each time, and without damaging the bar's knurling by slamming it into a rack.

  • 56" Max Height
  • Double-Braced Construction
  • Secure Interlocking Design
  • Made in the USA
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