Valor Yoke Rack Expand

Valor Yoke Rack

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150 lb

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(the video doesn't show this particular yoke, but a good overview of how to do carries)

3 Pieces of Equipment in One!
This yoke rack is a combination of three useful pieces of functional gym equipment: A yoke, squat rack with pull up bar, and push sled.

Kip Compatible!
Remove the yoke bar, drop a plate on each peg, and you have a tall, stable pull up bar for safely doing kipping or butterfly pull ups.

Curved Up Steel Feet
Essential for keeping the feet from catching on the grass/turf/concrete as you do sled pushes.

4 Vertical Weight Horns
Add weight for carries or sled pushes, or weigh the unit down for doing pull ups.

92" High Pull Up Bar
Adjust to any height with the pop pins.

2" Thick Yoke Bar
2" is big enough to keep it from digigng in your shoulders too much while doing carries, while still small enough for you to grip. Perfect size.

UMHW Lined Adjustable J Hooks
Keep your bar in good shape, and keep the noise down, as you rack it on the ultra-tough UHMW plastic inserts that will never crack.

Other Specs:

Height 92"
Steel Gauge 12
Tubing Size 2"x3"
Hole Spacing 2"
Environment Light Commercial
Plate Storage Yes
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