Olympic Weights

For a specific list of bars and bumper plates for use with cleans and snatches, see the Olympic Weightlifting category.

For bars with 1" ends and plates with 1" holes, see the Standard Weights.

Barbell Sets
Barbell Sets

Save money by buying a complete weight set! Many customers buy a weight set and then buy additional plates of the same style as needed, or they buy...


All shapes and sizes of olympic bars, including powerlifting and weightlifting bars, curl bars, and other specialty bars.

Bumper Plates
Bumper Plates

Bumper weights are solid rubber, named for the way they are meant to be bumped off the floor. They are used primarily for cleans or snatches, where...


All weight plates with iron cores, including rubber coated plates and easy-grip plates. Most popular plates listed first.


Secure your weight plates onto the bar with a pair of collars.


Store all your weight plates and bars off the floor!

A weight set is composed of three components:

  1. A barbell (also called simply a "bar"
  2. Weight plates
  3. Wwo collars to secure the weight plates onto the bar.

For a home gym, people usually buy a 300 lb Olympic weight set that includes all of this.

Go with rubber weight plates to greatly reduce the noise of them clanging together.

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