Dumbbell trees and horizontal dumbbell racks. For storing your dumbbells or neoprene hand weights.

We have dumbbell racks for sale that will fit aerobic dumbbells, including neoprene or vinyl coated dumbbells.

Our racks are made of steel and some are suitable for constant use and abuse in commercial environments. Racks that are for home use are a bit lighter weight. The racks with saddles are great for any environment and are made to hold pro-style or urethane dumbbells because the dumbbells will otherwise roll around and get mixed together too easily. Saddles aren't needed for hex dumbbells or anything that isn't likely to roll by itself.

Our vertical dumbbell racks for sale are for saving on floor space, and they're also very economical. Horizontal racks, which have two or more shelves, are made to hold heavier weights. They also spread the weights out more for multiple users to access. Vertical dumbbell racks often are only suitable for dumbbells up to about 30 lbs.

Many of the dumbbell racks for sale here have a recommended weight capacity noted. The capacities are generally pretty high, so it isn't usually a concern unless you're loading it with a lot of 50lb+ dumbbells.


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