Power Cages / Squat Racks

We offer a complete selection of racks that are suitable for home or commercial environments. Check out the comparison guide to better select a rack, or contact us if you're feeling overwhelmed and we'll make it easy for you.

These are NOT smith machines. Smith machines hold the barbell in a fixed plane of motion, which is unnatural and not usually the best option. Any of the power racks or squat racks we sell are freeweight, meaning they are used with a barbell (sold separately) that does not even touch the rack while you're doing the exercise. The rack is only there to hold the weight between sets and to provide some safety in case you fail a rep. There are other uses of a rack too, however, such as some include a pull up bar or dip station.

Half Racks
Half Racks

Also called squat racks. Much like a power rack, with the difference being that one side of the rack is fully open. Some models don't have safety...

Independent Squat Stands
Independent Squat Stands

Two-piece stands that are meant to be portable and store easily.

Power Racks
Power Racks

A power rack encloses the barbell on all sides, so that when you lose control and the barbell falls forward, backward or down, the rack will stop it...

Rack Accessories
Rack Accessories

Attachments and add-ons for our power racks and half racks.

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