FID Benches

These Flat/Incline/Decline benches are excellent for dumbbell workouts or inside of a rack.

BodyCraft F320 Bench

This bench adjusts to incline in such a way that it will fit inside ANY power rack just fine. Don't be fooled by the unique low seat position - you will learn to love the low position. It also works out great for incline dumbbell presses because you you can pick them right up off the floor next to you.

And as with all BodyCraft equipment, this bench is built for serious lifters in mind, with serious attention to detail.

Adjustable Benches Roundup

FID benches adjustable benches

An FID bench (short for Flat/Incline/Decline) is used for dumbbell work or inside of a power cage / power rack. The benches on this page are adjustable to flat, decline (head lower than body) or incline (head higher than body) positions. If you want to use them with a barbell, these FID benches can be used with a small stand-alone rack or in a power rack, which is a specially enclosed rack that provides safety bars and bar catches for doing many exercises such as various types of bench presses safely.

Any FID benches here can be used as a dumbbell bench for exercises such as dumbbell bench press, seated shoulder press, and incline and decline presses. If there are leg holders, it also can be set to the decline position for situps or crunches. There are many other less common exercises that can be done while kneeling or otherwise supporting yourself on the bench.

To get into position for a dumbbell bench press, hold the dumbbells in your hands and sit down on the end of the bench while resting the dumbbells on your knees. Make sure you're lined up straight with the bench behind you, and rock backwards, bringing the dumbbells to your chest as a starting position for the exercise. When you are finished with your reps, bring your knees up and rock yourself forward, back to a seated position with the dumbbells on your knees.

The bench press is an upper body exercise. It strengthens the pectoral, posterior deltoid and tricep muscles. Various supporting muscles are also involved, including the anterior deltoids, rotator cuff and trapezius muscles. Incline bench pressing targets the upper pec muscles, and decline targets the lower pecs. The bench press is one of the "big three" lifts and is a main lift in the sport of powerlifting. It's a popular exercise used in weight training, bodybuilding, sports training, and other types of fitness training to develop the chest and surrounding muscles.

To select a bench for exercise, consider the height of the bench (when flat). When lying down, you want your knees to not go lower than the rest of your body. This compromises your stability and forces you to arch your back more.

Also consider the weight of the bench, and its weight capacity. You want to stay under the recommended limit when holding weights.


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